How to write api in code igniter restful api

If you experienced any issues or have any questions or comments, please let me know in the comments below. Next we will build an app a container which houses a model as in Model-View-Controller.

A RESTful Web service, an example

If there is no match, the server returns status code Please read more about registered claim names here. Even if Michael client has another type of key tokenhe still won't have access to the house because it is a wrong key token.

It should look like this: Moving on to a PUT request, change the method to PUT, add values to the body make sure the properties match the properties of the user schema you created above and hit send. To test it open Postman, select PUT method, input http: They will all have a query parameter, often called a route parameter.

And with the explosion of API documentation software-as-a-service SaaS companies that utilize and expand on these specs, creating an effective API portal and documentation has never been easier or less expensive.

The prompt will ask if you want to create a superuser as this is the first time you have run Django. This is why I pushed all the code to GitHub. The code below shows the click trigger and showLoginPage ; function to show a login form. When successful, you will see: I installed the mysql-connector dependency using Maven and added a few more lines to my Main class to instantiate the MySQL driver and set up the connection details: JavaScript Object Notation Object: This code ensures that the number of rows matches the number of elements contained in the fishJson array.

You can test your installation by firing up the command line and typing the python command. Hug built on-top of Falcon and Python3 with an aim to make developing Python driven APIs as simple as possible, but no simpler. This function will make the menu look like the options for a logged-out user.

Next, we add code that will make this app do something. Webserver like Xampp, Wampp, or others. Configure the database Create a new database with the name "contact": You want to provide API to browser-based apps, native mobile apps or desktop apps. Basic Auth only requires a user name and password.

We have variables used by our JWT library to encode and decode a token. Replace the trigger when registration form is submitted here comment of index.

How to quickly create a serverless RESTful API with Node.js and AWS

Just like with orders, our customer resource needs some endpoint. PUT- Create a new entity or update an existing one. User related operations like registration and login 2. Creating a REST API quickly using pure Java Creating a REST API quickly using pure Java Jon Morgan explains how he found a way to rapidly create a REST API using the Java-based Spark micro-framework.

Angular 7 is released! Read about its new features and how to update Angular 6 to v This tutorial is designed for developers that want to use Angular 6/7 to build front-end apps for their back-end REST.

In this tutorial I will show you how to create new resource (REST API POST) using React JS framework. The article, Codeigniter or Spring, Jersey etc. and call using React JS framework. Here you will see only POST example (other HTTP verbs are GET, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS etc.).

According to this REST api document, Api is a controller not a module. And view is an action. You said you placed Api in module directory as a module, it is a wrong place. If you want to use some third party API then you can directly make API calls from Controller function. If you want to create RESTful API using CodeIgnter then the best possible way is to use codeigniter-restserver library.

A RESTful Web service, an example. So we're missing a homepage for our API, let's create one. This will be the entry point for our RESTful API, by giving this URL to a program that knows about our Delicious XML data formats, it can find all the data it requires without having to know anything about the rest of the API.

How to write api in code igniter restful api
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